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Adani Group Selects Founders of Genrobotics for Fellowship

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December 26, 2022

Founders of India’s leading Robotics developer, Genrobotic Innovations, have been selected for the prestigious Fellowship from corporate major Adani Group, in a big endorsement of the company’s support and commitment for social impact ventures.

The Fellowship will help Genrobotics expand its venture to more sectors and develop solutions to address various social problems.

Beginning as a startup, Genrobotics made a big impact by developing the world’s first robotic scavenger Bandicoot in an effort to eliminate manual scavenging that would provide huge respite for workers engaged in manhole cleaning.

The venture,headquartered at Technopark here, is co-founded by Vimal Govind M.K, Arun George, Rashid K, and Nikhil N P.

Commenting on the fellowship, Priti Adani, Chairwomen of Adani Foundation, said this will help Genrobotics to accelerate its mission to phase out manual scavenging and Adani Group will be part of the mission.

Adani said the products of Genrobotics like Bandicoot will be placed in ports, airports and other townships under Adani Group.

According to its founders, Genrobotic Innovations had created impactful innovations like Bandicoot, which saved the lives of thousands of sanitation workers in the country.

Vimal Govind, who is also Director of Genrobotic Innovations Pvt Ltd, said Bandicoot was developed as the world’s first robotic scavenger, deploying which urban bodies across the country could eliminate human entry into manholes to a great extent and transform sanitation workers into robotic operators. Bandicoot robots are currently deployed in 17 states of India and 3 UT’s and they are transforming the sanitation ecosystems.

“The technology was developed with the goal of improving sanitation workers’ safety and dignity, as well as bringing about positive changes within the sanitation worker community. We are working on more innovations in sanitation sector and this fellowship will boost our research and development team,” he added.

Genrobotics has recently launched its new robotic gait trainer, ‘G-Gaiter,’ for the healthcare segment to aid faster recovery from gait disabilities. G-Gaiter aims to give the perfect solution to the problems with the traditional gait training method.