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AIX Connect Receives Regulatory Approval to Operate Flights Under the Brand Name ‘Air India Express’

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July 28, 2023

AIX Connect, operating as AirAsia India, and a subsidiary of Air India, announced a major milestone in its ongoing integration process with Air India Express. The airline has now received regulatory approvals to operate its flights under the ‘Air India Express’ branding. This development marks a significant fast-tracking of the integration efforts, including harmonisation of customer touch points, products, and services across both airlines.

The approval from the regulator allows both Air India Express Ltd. and AIX Connect flights to be marketed, distributed and operated under a common brand name ‘Air India Express’, prior to the subsequent scheduled legal merger of the two entities. The proposal to synergise the consumer offerings under a unified and renewed brand within the next few months demonstrates the commitment to a superlative customer promise, streamlining product and service standards and unlocking synergies between the two companies.

Over the past few months, Air India Express and AirAsia India have taken significant steps towards the integration. In March, the airlines introduced a unified website, airindiaexpress.com, providing a comprehensive user interface, enabling users to access services of both carriers on a single platform, streamlining their travel experience.

In their pursuit of enhancing the in-flight experience, Air India Express recently introduced AirAsia India’s successful ‘Gourmair’ in-flight dining menu with a wide range of delicious hot meals, lite bites and desserts. Earlier this month, ‘Xpress Ahead’ priority services were extended as an ancillary add-on to guests of both airlines, offering priority check-in, boarding and baggage. Both airlines will also be synergising a host of other ancillary add-on services and common sub-brands.

AIXL currently operates flights from 20 Indian cities to 14 regional international destinations, while AIXC serves 19 domestic destinations, complementing each other’s networks to provide more extensive travel options for passengers.