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Background Verification Goes hi-tech

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February 10, 2022

The digital transformation across industries has only accelerated in the last 2 years owing to the pandemic, with more and more sectors resorting to quick adoption of technology in their business processes. The background verification companies too have witnessed a digital shift, which is changing the way employees are being hired today.

In an exclusive interview with News Experts, Amit Singh, Senior Vice President & Head- Commercial, First Advantage India, a leading background verification company headquartered in the US, talks about the new age and innovative technological tools being deployed in background verification.

News Experts: Has there been an increase in demand for background verifications during the pandemic? If yes, which sector/ sectors have been seeing more demand?

Amit Singh: Yes, there has been an increase in demand for background verification across industries. Many organizations have transitioned into safe workplaces for their employees from COVID-19 following all the guidelines and regulations. IT & Consulting industries are strengthening their workforce which in turn is increasing the demand for background verifications.

News Experts: Please tell us about the changes that you have made for verification of employees during the pandemic?

Amit Singh: Businesses across shifted to remote working. With our digital initiatives driven by modern technology and alternate screening solutions, we have transformed our processes to adapt with the changing environmental and economic conditions to support the background verification industry.

The technological advancements have enabled people to work from home and be productive regardless of geographical location. We are seeing a vital transformation of where and how we work.

News Experts: What does the entire process of background verification involve?

Amit Singh: The Background Verification process involves thorough screening of a candidate’s work history, education credentials, criminal records, personal identification and many more checks. However, these processes depend upon client requirements across all locations.

News Experts: What are the new age and innovative technological tools First Advantage is using to strengthen background verification?

Amit Singh: To support our clients digitally and increase efficiency, First Advantage embarked on a digital journey switching to alternate methods of verifications.

These solutions are designed to provide scalability and flexibility, help improve an organization’s operational efficiencies and enhance a candidate’s experience in a compliant and efficient manner. We are achieving success through innovative product developments and digital screening solutions.

News Experts: How many days does it take to do background verification of a candidate?

Amit Singh: Depending on the type of background check, information requested and other data sources, background verification can take from 1 to 10 business days. We deliver 90% of Verifications in less than 3 days. (https://fadv.co.in/why-first-advantage/customer-promise/)

News Experts: What do you foresee in background verification industry in the years to come?

Amit Singh: With technological advancements, companies have been able to automate a lot of manual processes.

Technological advancements and serving innovation through integrated technological developments and digital screening solutions will be the key to successful verifications.