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Ways to Reinvent Your House and Make it Better

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July 25, 2022

If you have stayed in the same house with the same walls for longer than a couple of years, the space starts looking dull to you. You get used to seeing the walls and the colours and the regular view can make the space seem dull. If this happens, you know it is time to make some changes and brighten the place up. Here are some ways you can find the lost spark in your home.

Start at the beginning
You can start by changing the hall wall colour combination and move on from there. The entrance of the house is responsible for the first impression. Whenever you are thinking of refurbishing, allot the maximum budget for this room.

Empty the space out
When you have the furniture arranged in a room, it obstructs the possibilities of your imagination. If you empty the space out completely, you’ll find it beneficial as a clean slate is easier to work with and you can reevaluate the space you have and what kind of an ambience you are going for.

Settle on some parameters
If you start to consider a change in wall colours, it can be very confusing. The wise thing to do is to settle on some boundaries. For example, settle on a colour scheme or a theme to help narrow down the options. Consider the impact of colours in theory before you start trying them on your walls.

Consider the changes you want
If you want to hop on the trend wagon, remember that you should go for a trend that is evergreen and not just seasonal. If you are excited about a textured wall or a mural, then you should start by assigning a place for it. Don’t forget to think about the impact it will have on space. If you are unsure of how things will fit into your budget, then use the paint calculator to get an estimate.

Decide the setup of the room
Take into account how you want the setup in the room to be to ensure you create impactful walls. For example, if you are planning on making an accent wall, then you should avoid covering it up with too much furniture or art. If you have some art, then think of where it would look the best in terms of lighting and then decide the colour of the walls. Enliven the place with contrasts and pastels.

Let the room speak to you
Some rooms have elements that make them seem bigger and better. For example, lighter colours make the room seem much bigger. The angle of light, placement of windows, the height of the ceiling, lighting fixtures, colours of the furniture, are just some of the things that affect the room. To create a room that is perfect in all aspects, ensure you decide things depending on such factors.

Playing around with wall hangings
Mirrors make the room seem bigger. Art on the walls can get lost in the chaos of the other items and furniture, which is why it is essential to place it appropriately. Try contrasting the wall colour with the paintings to accentuate them more. Another benefit of wall hangings is to give the wall a certain depth and character. For example, if you have a wall of baskets, then the shadows on the wall can make a big impact with the proper lighting.

Doorways and arches
Arches are very rarely seen in houses these days, which is why it is important to make the most of them. Doorways can be an accessory themselves. The space around arches and doorways can be decorated and used as a transition to the next room. The colours that you choose for doorways affect the next room as well. The space between ceilings and arches is surprisingly effective for giving it an artistic flair.

Find spaces in your home
Every house has its own qualities. Every house has some unique features that can be utilized to make it look gorgeous. Use these tricks to find inspiration and decorate your home with your own ideas.