Denying Funeral of Patriarchies is Baseless: Malankara Orthodox Church

Malankara Orthodox Church today said that rumors about funeral rites were denied to Patriarchies is totally baseless.

Church spokesperson Fr Dr Johns Abraham Konattu said that the baseless allegations are raised to tarnish the image of the Orthodox Church. The symmetries of church are not used as public symmetry, but it is for the members of the diocese. This is followed by all the Christian dioceses.

When the family members of the deceased approaches the person who is in charge of the church, the funeral rights are being held at the Church and there were no confusion in this regard.

The Orthodox Church priests conducted the funeral rites of 32 persons from the Patriarchies faction, following the request of their relatives. It was decided in principle to use the symmetry only by the diocese members and this was followed by Patriarchies faction also for a long time.

The funeral of the grand mother of renowned cine actor at a Jacobite Church in Kumarakom and Fr Joseph Vendirappilli at Vadavucode Church were denied by Patriarchies following this argument. It is illegal to conduct the funeral rites at a Church without the consent and participation of the respective priest. There is no objection in conducting the funeral rights with the consent and presence of the priest, he added

The list of funerals belong to Patriarchies faction conducted at the Orthodox Churches are listed below. These funeral rites are held at a peaceful atmosphere.

Kadamattam Church – 3
Mannathur Church – 2
Kanniyattunirappu Church – 1
Varikkoli Church – 2
Njarakkadu Church – 1
Kolencherry Church – 5
Mulakkulam Church – 3
Kandanadu Church – 3
Chattamattam Church – 1
Pazhamthottam Church – 1
Perumbavoor Bethel Sulokko – 6
Kattachira Church – 1
Maprel Church – 3



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