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Dyson Enters the Audio Category in India with the Dyson Zone

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October 06, 2023

Dyson is once again at the forefront of innovation, this time entering the Indian market with the launch of the Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones. With over five years of relentless research and development, these headphones offer an unmatched listening experience. Key features include up to 50 hours of continuous playback, with ultra-low distortion, advanced noise cancellation and faithful audio reproduction across the entire sound spectrum.

Charged to 100% in 3 hours, the headphones offer advanced active noise reduction and faithful audio reproduction across the entire audio spectrum. In total, the Dyson Zone™ headphones are equipped with 11 microphones, 8 of which are used to reduce noise pollution by up to 38dB and monitor surrounding sounds 384,000 times per second.

To deliver true sound with a full sound spectrum, the Dyson Zone™ headphones automatically reproduce frequencies ranging from 6Hz to 21kHz to ensure that every note or word is audible.

The loudspeaker and electronics, mechanical system, materials, and acoustics have been carefully designed to minimise distortion. The loudspeaker output is then equalised by intelligent signal processing 48,000 times per second which, when combined with noise reduction, neutralises harmonic distortion to levels inaudible over the entire frequency range (0.08% at 94 dB at 1 kHz).