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Ex-army Officer Defrauded by Malayali Owner Exempted from Liability of Rs 40 lakh

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March 27, 2024

An ex-military officer who was in a financial crisis and could not return home after being cheated by his Malayali owner, was freed from a huge financial burden. Thomasukutty Isaac (56), a resident of Pavithreswaram, Kottarakkara, Kollam, was able to solve the problem with the support of UAE Government and goodwill of the people by paying a liability amount of 162,238 dirhams (40 lakh Indian rupees).

Thomasukutty, who had been working in the Indian Border Force for 22 years was retired in 2009 and came to the UAE in 2015 due to the financial crisis. On December 10, 2015, he joined a scrapping company in Sharjah owned by a native of Thrissur as a driver. At the time of obtaining the visa in the company, the owner of the company asked Thomaskutty to sign the lease agreement for the flat taken for the employees to stay along with the legal documents for the visa procedures. A year later, Thomaskutty quit his job and returned home. Then he came back in 2017 and joined another company in Abu Dhabi.

On February 27, 2022, when he was returning home for a surgery from Duabi Airport, he came to know that there was a case and a travel ban against him. Thomasukutty, who did not understand what happened, investigated in detail and he realized the scam of the owner of the scrapping company.

Thomaskutty learned that the owner of the company rented the flat in his name and because he had not paid the rent for three years, a case had been filed against him in the Sharjah Municipality and he could only get rid of the case if he did not pay the rent arrears of 162,238 dirhams (Rs. 40 lakhs). Due to this, Thomasukutty, who was in a financial and mental crisis, approached many legal institutions, lawyers and social workers, but no one came forward to help him.

Thomaskutty who was panicked and not knowing what to do, approached Rev Dr Wilson Joseph of Sharjah Worship Center. Then he approached Salam Papinishery, CEO of Yab Legal Services in UAE under the leadership of Father, to find a solution to this problem.

Yab Legal Services contacted the Sharjah Court, but it was found that an amount of 162,238 dirhams (40 lakhs of Indian rupees) was owed to the labour camp on behalf of Thomasukutty. Even though I contacted the people who filed the case, they informed me that they will not give clearance unless the entire amount is paid.

Thomasukutty, who is in a financial crisis including in the country, has no means to pay the money. To solve the problem Fr Wilson and Salam Pappinissery took help from like mindedd people and charity organizations related to the UAE government and found a solution to the problem.

Salam Pappinissery explained that those who make rental agreements for companies or on their own should purchase a clearance certificate from the municipality at the time of leaving the job, otherwise there is a possibility of these types of problems.