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Garbage Disposal Violations: Ops Net Over Rs 1 lakh in a Day

In Kozhikode
August 24, 2023

A well-coordinated operation conducted by Vigilance Squads deployed for cracking down on illegal waste disposal and use of banned plastic products has yielded spot fine to the tune of Rs 1,14,000 from various establishments in the Local Self Government Institutions (LSGIs) in Kannur district on a single day.

Also, a total sum of Rs 5, 24,000 has been imposed as fine on 67 establishments situated in 71 panchayats, nine municipalities and one corporation during the inspections on August 21.

A bulk of banned products was also seized from shops in the district during the operation.

The inspection squads were formed to detect violations of garbage disposal and use of banned plastic products by institutions, including commercial establishments, in the 81 LSGIs in the district. They conducted inspections in 1,202 establishments and seized 246 kg of banned products.

Some of the violators who had already paid the fine are from Kolacheri (Rs 35,000), Alakkode (Rs 27,000) and Kunnothparamba (Rs 10,000) panchayats and Mattannur municipality (Rs 20,000).

Meanwhile, notices have been served on establishments in Ulikkal (Rs 50,000) Payyavur (Rs 43,000), Kolacheri (Rs 35,000), Kelakam (Rs 30,000), Kalliasseri (Rs 25,000), Narath (Rs 25,000), ikode (Rs 30,000), Cherukunnu (Rs 20,000), Chirakkal (Rs 25,000), Ezhom (Rs 30,000) and Chokli (Rs 20,000).