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IIIT-Bangalore Wraps Up Successful RISE 2024

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March 23, 2024

The International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore (IIIT-B) just concluded its highly anticipated two-day RISE (Research, Innovation, Society and Entrepreneurship) 2024, on March 22nd and 23rd, 2024. The event, aimed at fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and collaboration within academia and the industry, brought together a diverse array of thought leaders, industry experts, and academia enthusiasts.

Reflecting on the success of the event, Prof. Debabrata Das, Director of IIIT-Bangalore, remarked, “RISE has proven to be an essential stage for addressing the challenges and opportunities in cultivating research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We are pleased with the engagement and discussions that took place, and we are confident that the insights gained will contribute significantly to advancing these fields.”

The first day of the conclave, RISE One-Day Conclave, themed ‘Sustaining and Scaling up Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Academia,’ witnessed insightful discussions and keynote addresses from luminaries, shaping the discourse on reinforcing innovation and entrepreneurship within academic institutions.

Chandran Krishnan, Founder, MD & CEO of Campus Angels, shared insights into bolstering entrepreneurship within academic ecosystems, while Mr. Uday Prabhu, Chief Innovation Officer at Bosch Global Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd., discussed the significance of industry-academia partnerships in driving innovation. Their collective expertise provided attendees with valuable perspectives on the theme of ‘Sustaining and Scaling up Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Academia.’

A panel discussion on the role of corporates in evangelizing innovations on academic campuses, moderated by Prof. Rajagopalan from IIIT-Bangalore, with participation from industry leaders such as Mr. Sanjay Gopinath from MathWorks India Pvt. Ltd. and Mr. Amit Chaterjee from Intel, was a highlight of the day. The day concluded with a vibrant campus startup showcase, providing a platform for budding entrepreneurs to exhibit their innovations.

Dr.Lakshmi Jagannathan , CEO of IIIT B Innovation Centre emphatically said, “With the exponential growth of deeptech startups in India, Academia shall play a key role in Translational Research . Conclaves like RISE will be an opportunity for the Innovation and Startup Ecosystem to engage and evolve strategies in this direction.”

Shifting the focus to the RISE Open House on March 23rd, participants were invited to explore the latest developments in research and innovation at IIIT-B. Prof. Shivakumar Malapaka, Organizing Chair of RISE, expressed satisfaction, stating, “The RISE Open House facilitated meaningful dialogue, collaboration, and knowledge exchange among professionals, academics, and students. It provided valuable insights into IIIT-B’s research landscape and served as a catalyst for forging partnerships between industry and academia.”

RISE Open House presented posters and demos from a broad spectrum of research across various domains, including Data Science, Computer Science & Software engineering, Physics, Network Communications and Signal Processing, IT and Society, and VLSI. The research work showcased state-of-the-art technologies and innovative methodologies. It included topics such as privacy protection in video data, the use of virtual avatars for improved human-computer interaction, and the development of advanced algorithms for path planning in multi-robot systems. There were posters on cutting-edge technologies like quantum internet and hardware accelerators for radio demodulation, highlighting the frontier of research in these fields. Additionally, the posters covered practical applications like IoT-enabled environmental monitoring systems and the creation of 3D virtual environments from real-world traffic scenes. The diversity of topics and approaches highlighted the multidisciplinary nature of modern research and its impact on society and technology.

Attendees at RISE Open House 2024 benefited from in-depth exploration on trending research directions, insights into collaboration opportunities with industry and academia, and information on educational pursuits for undergraduates and postgraduates. The event’s focus on flexible IP policies and networking opportunities for internships and job placements further enriched the experience for participants.

IIIT-Bangalore looks forward to building upon the momentum generated by RISE Conclave 2024 and continuing to supercharge innovation, entrepreneurship, and collaboration in the academic and industrial spheres.