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Indian Children Do Not Sleep Enough: Sleep@10 Study by Godrej Interio

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March 13, 2020

Godrej Interio Mattresses, India’s leading healthcare range of mattresses, released significant data on World Sleep Day under the aegis of their health awareness initiative- sleep@10. The new data released by the mattress brand revealed that 67% of Indian children feel drowsy and tired after they wake up.

The results are based on the insights sourced from the sleep-o-meter on www.sleepat10.com, a consumer awareness initiative started by Godrej Interio mattresses in 2017. In the last three years, the study has highlighted the unhealthy trend of increasing sleep deprivation among children and adults alike of the country.

Going to bed late, waking up early, irregular bedtimes and disturbed sleep — all patterns of sleep deprivation usually associated with adults are being noticed in Indian children and teenagers. The study revealed that more than 58% of the respondents never or very rarely sleep@10 and around 36% per cent sleep less than six hours daily. In fact, the most alarming fact is that only a dismal 20% per cent of respondents actually slept at 10pm. Around 41% of the children respondents admitted that ‘screen time’, including television and phone, could be delaying their sleep time and 43% of the children respondents said they slept after midnight while the ideal time recommended by healthcare experts is around 10 P.M.

Commenting on the research findings, Dr. Abhijit Deshpande, International Institute of Sleep Sciences, said, “Children and their sleeping habits and patterns are serious concerns for parents. For staying healthy, it is recommended to sleep for 7 to 8 hours a day. Without sufficient and proper sleep, the body does not produce cytokines, a type of protein that targets infection and inflammation, effectively creating an immune response. Sleep is one of the best ways to improve the immune system and defend against viruses and disease. It is extremely important to sleep on time and give the body the required amount of rest. As per the sleep@10 study by Godrej Interio mattress over 58% children never or very rarely sleep@10 and 36% children sleep for less than 6 hours. This is a serious concern for the nation. Owing to this, our country’s next generation is more prone to obesity, difficulty in reasoning, emotional imbalance and various other medical disorders.”

Commenting on the Sleep@10 findings, Anil Mathur, COO, Godrej Interio, said “Sleep@10 is a concept that actually emerged from the product development stage of our healthcare range. As we delved deeper, we realised the concern was much larger than just selecting the right mattress. With the nation worried about the recent virus, sleep is one major immune system booster. Prevention is better than cure and while keeping in mind the various precautions, sleep pattern of children and teenagers should be taken care of. Over 67% of children are tired and drowsy immediately after they wake up. Further insights gathered from our sleep-o-meter, we were informed that our adults too are sleep deprived. This
demands for a more serious discussion as it threatens the future of our nation.”