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Diet and Exercise Program as Part of Women’s Day

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March 05, 2021

As part of Women’s day, Kochi based NuvoVivo presents free telephonic consultation and 2-weeks custom diet and exercise programs for women with thyroid & PCOD related weight & health issues. NuvoVivo is an online health, wellness, and fitness company specialized in nutrition and fitness plan for people with lifestyle diseases. This diet and exercise are customs made for each person based on their medical as well as physical conditions. Those who are interested can send their age, weight, height, and any blood reports (if any) to whatsaap number +91-7994999735. This program can be availed only from 5 – 8 March 2021.

According to various reports, an estimated 20% of Indian women deals with either PCOD or Thyroid (hypothyroid) related issues. PCOD is characterised by excess male hormone leading to facial hair growth, acne and irregular periods, eventually leading to cysts in the ovaries. This is especially an issue for young women and couples who are planning a family and child. Most often, PCOD is caused due to Insulin resistance, which can be controlled by losing weight in a healthy manner. Hypothyroidism is yet another condition that is characterised by low metabolism and excessive weight gain. Crash dieting and eating only salads etc to lose weight are counter productive and makes the metabolic parameters worse. The right calorie adjusted nutrition plan & exercise will help a great deal in managing both PCOD & Thyroid and also lose weight in a healthy manner.