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IPRS Collaborates with MCAI

In Entertainment
June 14, 2023

The Indian Performing Right Society Limited (IPRS) collaborates with the Music Composers Association of India (MCAI) and Animation and Entertainment National Council WICCI for their illuminative campaign, “The World Behind the Music.” This multi-leg initiative aims to shine a spotlight on the extensive efforts and boundless creativity that go into the making of music.

Music creators pour their time, energy, and passion into their craft, constantly pushing the boundaries of their creativity. Writing and composing music require not only inspiration and innovation but also dedicated hard work. The process of making a song involves hours of meticulous production, combining technical precision with emotional expression. It is a career that demands immense emotional investment as musicians pour their hearts and souls into their music, expressing their feelings and experiences through their work.

However, the seamless experience of well-crafted and flawlessly performed music often obscures the skill, practice, and effort behind it. The efforts Behind the Music often go unnoticed, leading to decreased respect for copyright, challenges in enforcing copyright, unfair use and licensing practices, financial losses for creators, and limited support for copyright protection.

As the world gears up to celebrate World Music Day on June 21, IPRS aims to bring attention to the world behind the music through its campaign and multiple initiatives. This endeavor seeks to offer the audience a glimpse into the arduous process of creating a song, from the birth of melodies in studios to the long hours spent penning lyrics in music rooms.

The “World Behind the Music” initiative aims to raise awareness and encourage all music users to acknowledge the efforts that go into creating music, promoting fair pay and fair play for music. By shedding light on the intricate and laborious journey of every musical composition, this campaign aims to change the narrative surrounding music creation.

Commenting on the initiative legendary lyricist and IPRS Board member, Sameer Anjaan said, “Behind every song lies a world of imagination, where words become the voice of emotions and stories. Writing lyrics is a journey of discovery, where inspiration can strike at any moment. It is the late nights spent searching for the perfect rhyme, the endless revisions to find the right cadence, and the relentless pursuit of words that will truly connect with the audience. So, when you listen to a song, remember that the lyrics hold a universe of emotions and stories. There’s a lyricist who has poured their heart and soul into crafting words that can inspire, heal, and ignite a flame within you.”

“We want to put the spotlight on the creators and everything that goes behind making the creation truly magical!” said Rakesh Nigam, CEO of IPRS. “Every song has a story, countless hours of hard work, and heaps of creativity behind it. It’s time we acclaim those behind the music and appreciate the incredible effort put into crafting unforgettable melodies and lyrics.”

Sharing her thoughts, Soniya Lamba, President, WICCI National Animation and Entertainment Council added, “We are excited to join hands with IPRS and MCAI for the remarkable campaign, ‘The World Behind the Music.’ This collaboration allows us to shed light on the extraordinary efforts and boundless creativity of music creators. Through this initiative, we aim to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the artistry involved in music creation, while advocating for fair compensation and recognition for all creators. Together, we celebrate the stories, emotions, and dedication that shape the world behind every captivating melody.”

IPRS’s initiative includes a range of activities designed to engage and enlighten music enthusiasts. Through extensive digital promotion, behind-the-scenes stories, testimonials, and anecdotes, insights will be shared to give audiences a deeper understanding of the creative process. Additionally, IPRS will conduct an exclusive digital series titled “In Creator’s Den with Mayur Puri,” featuring candid conversations with eminent creators, broadcasting live from their studios and music rooms. These conversations will delve into their favourite songs, introducing the audience to the craft, the toil, and the immense effort involved in music creation. The episodes will be available for live viewing on the IPRS YouTube channel.

In collaboration with the Animation and Entertainment National Council WICCI and the Music Composers Association of India (MCAI), IPRS will present an exclusive on-ground event titled “The Story of a Song” on World Music Day, June 21. An enthralling experience where music and stories will merge will feature acclaimed creators unveiling the world behind the music through engaging conversations, providing insights into the making of their iconic songs, and highlighting the untold stories behind their creations.

Moreover, IPRS will host a seminar titled “Metadata Matters” in association with industry stakeholders, emphasizing the importance of accurate data related to music in the digital world. This session aims to enlighten all stakeholders in the music value chain about the impact of metadata and the role they play in its creation and management.

Through these initiatives, IPRS and its collaborators strive to bring about a mindset shift in the perception and consumption of music. By celebrating the emotional and artistic commitment of musicians and shedding light on the immense efforts involved in music creation, they aim to foster a renewed appreciation and value for music and those behind its making amongst audiences worldwide.