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Kannur Native Caught in a Criminal Case Will Not be Deported from UAE

February 21, 2024

The Dubai Criminal Court has ruled that Dinil Dinesh (29), a native of Kannur Kannnadiparambu Malottu, is not guilty in the case filed by his Jordanian employer. He was accused in a case filed by a leading automation company in Dubai, accusing him of complicity in the fraud committed by a former employee.

The incident took place in 2022. Dinil was working as an assistant to the first defendant in this case and a former employee of the same company. Meanwhile, the first respondent, a native of Bangalore, resigned from the company. However, the company alleged that Dinil, who faced difficulties in his work, got in touch with the first defendant and took help in his work by handing over the email ID and password in the company’s name to him.

In the meantime, the 1st accused misused the company e-mail ID and created a fake document in the name of the company and took an expensive phone from a Telecommunications. The employer, who came to know about the information, lodged a complaint against both of them, including Dinil, at the Jebel Ali Police Station.

On the basis of the complaint, the police investigated the case and filed a chargesheet against Dinil as the second accused, accusing him of helping the first accused in the case. The first instance court that heard the case found Dinil guilty on the basis of his relationship with the first defendant, handing over the company’s e-mail and password, and the testimony of another employee of the company, sentenced Dinil to a fine of one and a half lakh dirhams (33 lakh Indian rupees) and imprisonment for three months. Dinil, who was in a financial and mental crisis, approached many law firms regarding the case, but due to the demand of huge lawyer fees, he was unable to pursue the case and finally approached Salam Pappinissery, CEO of Yab Legal Services in UAE.

He then took up this case and provided free legal aid to Dinil and submitted a petition to the Court of Appeal against the verdict of the first instance court through a UAE lawyer Mohammad Abdul Rahman Al Suwaidi.

It was explained to the court that the case against Dinil was filed in the appellate court only on the basis of the company owner’s statement, but no concrete evidence or justification was submitted by the company and the court sentenced the complainant on the basis of the fact that he was an employee of the company’s information technology department. Further, considering the previous experience of the 1st accused in the company, the counsel also pointed out the ability of the 1st accused to commit this crime on his own without the help of anyone.

No sufficient evidence has been produced by the company to show that the accused had committed any crime or that he was the one who activated the mail. Therefore, under Article 217 of the Criminal Procedure Code, if a person is convicted, the reasons for each judgment must be included, otherwise it is void, the lawyer argued in the court.

More than 10 times in the case, both the parties had arguments with each other. The company authorities could not give a precise reply to the arguments of the lawyer. After examining the argument of both, the Appellate Court understood the stalemate of the case and found Dinil innocent. The Court of Appeal then acquitted him of all charges against him.