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KIMSHEALTH Honoured Ambulance Drivers on World Trauma Day

In Trivandrum
October 20, 2022

KIMSHEALTH honoured ambulance drivers as part of World Trauma Day. The event, ‘Heroes on Wheels’ was organised to recognize the invaluable services of ambulance drivers, and to make society aware of the need to pave way for the smooth traffic of ambulances. 100 ambulance drivers including Deepamol, the first woman driver of the 108 ambulance, were felicitated at the event held at KIMSHEALTH, Thiruvananthapuram.

Ajith Kumar, IPS, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Law and Order and Traffic) inaugurated the programme. “Ambulance drivers are the ones who risk their own lives to provide first aid to those during emergency and no amount of appreciation is enough for their selfless service,” said Ajith Kumar, IPS. Ambulance drivers go beyond ‘Heroes’ who strive to help those in need at critical situations. Society must always respect those who are involved in rescue operations, he added. Besides trying to save those who are in danger, they should take care of their own lives as well as the lives of other passengers on the road and should also be careful to follow the road rules.

E.M. Najeeb, KIMSHEALTH Executive Director in his presidential address said that society is yet to realise the value of road rules. Till September 2022 alone, 28,775 accidents have occurred in the state this year and out of which, 2,838 deaths have been so far reported. These numbers can only be controlled if society, law enforcement, and the Government work together. We should also realise the importance of traffic awareness and the need to follow rules, he added.

Dr. Muhammad Nazeer, KIMSHEALTH Clinical Services Director and Head of Department of Orthopedics and Trauma, Dr. R Muralidharan, KIMSHEALTH Critical Care Consultant and Deepamol, the first woman driver of the 108 ambulance also spoke on the occasion. Jerry Philip, KIMSHEALTH CEO attended the program. Dr. Shameem KU, KIMSHEALTH Emergency Medicine Department Head welcomed the gathering, and Dr. Praveen Muralidharan, KIMSHEALTH Medical Superintendent delivered the vote of thanks.