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King’s Infra Launches Digital Platform ‘SISTA360’

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September 26, 2023

Seafood and Aquaculture Company KING’s Infra launched SISTA360, the trailblazing digital platform for sustainable aquaculture solutions, in today’s seminar titled Sustainable Aquaculture: India’s Potential to be the Global Leader held in New Delhi. This pivotal event, graced by NK Premachandran, Member of Parliament, as the guest of honor, provided a platform for the unveiling of SISTA36’s groundbreaking approach to aquaculture.

SISTA360 is poised to revolutionize India’s aquaculture landscape, offering a transparent, traceable, and profitable solution for the entire aquaculture value chain.

Addressing the inaugural session, MP N.K Premachandran stated, “With the guidance of the Shaji Baby John, Chairman and Managing Director of KING’s Infra, the sustainable aquaculture sector has witnessed significant progress. Baby John was a pioneer in embracing the Blue Revolution initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Through seamless coordination, Baby John worked tirelessly to advance the objectives of the Blue Revolution.”

“The Indian government’s ambition extends to achieving a 5 trillion-dollar economy, with aspirations for a subsequent 10 trillion-dollar economy. While the aquaculture sector has been relatively untouched thus far, I firmly believe that it holds immense potential to propel India toward its 10 trillion-dollar economic goal,” Premachandran said.

“In addition, nurturing the social and economic well-being of the country’s fishermen, who rely solely on this industry for their livelihoods, could make a substantial contribution to India’s journey towards becoming a 10 trillion-dollar economy,” he added.

Shaji Baby John, Chairman and Managing Director of KING’s Infra, the company that organized the seminar, said, “We envision a future where aquaculture is not only sustainable but also profitable for every stakeholder involved. SISTA360 is our commitment to realizing this vision.”

Chandra Bhat, CEO of SISTA360, echoed this sentiment, stating, “Our platform simplifies the complexities of aquaculture, from input procurement to sustainable production and profitable marketing. Our primary goal is to empower Indian farmers by providing them with the necessary knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering support to not only survive but flourish in this crucial sector.”

SISTA360’s approach is rooted in a holistic and innovative ecosystem, drawing inspiration from BIOFLOC, Aquamimicry, and IMTA (Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture) principles adapted to Indian conditions. This integration of cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices is set to redefine the future of aquaculture in India.

One of the seminar’s key focuses was the development of seaweed farming and value-added products, presenting a significant opportunity for India’s coastal and marine ecosystems and the broader agricultural sector. The collaboration between industry and academia has spurred innovation, leading to new domestic breeds, species diversification, and environmentally responsible practices such as nutrient recycling.

India’s aquatic resources, currently utilizing only 5-10% of their potential, hold the promise of sustainable ten-fold growth. This monumental shift has the potential to transform India into a trillion-dollar blue economy and aligns perfectly with the vision of Atma Nirbhar Bharat (self-reliant India). The seminar’s overarching goal is to galvanize collective action among stakeholders, propelling India towards becoming the global hub of aquaculture by 2030.

SISTA360’s unveiling at the seminar marks a pivotal moment in India’s aquaculture journey. With a potent blend of innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity, SISTA360 is poised to lead India to new heights in the global aquaculture arena. The journey towards a self-reliant, sustainable, and prosperous India has truly set sail, powered by SISTA360’s visionary approach.