Kochi Metro Short Film Festival at Kochi and UAE

The second edition of the Kochi Metro Short Film Festival is coming up shortly at Kochi along with ‘Kochi Metro Short Films UAE’, the Kerala’s first film literacy movement to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.
The Media Island at Kochi will be set up at Bolgatty Palace. The fest will  explore the talent of those are interested in film making. With Mohanlal as the festival chairman and actor Raveendran as fest director the second edition at Kochi and maiden initiative at UAE will be a great success. Canvas of art, technology and managememohanlalnt will be put up at the  same platform in the Media Island.
This festival is a platform for the budding talents to explore themselves in the best way they could. As the festival is focussing more on the creative part, this year’s short film festival will showcase something extraordinary from the makers of short films, says Raveendran.
Since the first edition got good response this years is bound to be successful as welfilml. To have a Chairman like Mohanlal in the front to lead such an innovative programme will attract public interest, he added.
The first edition had various categories for students, that is school and campus crews were a part of the festival. This festival is truly the face of youth whose initiatives are given a space and respected to explore, excel, learn and entertain.
As a part of the festival there will be a tech fest, then management fest and along with that as usuaravil many entertainment programmes as well. These fests which happens in connection with the festival will also endeavour as an attraction to bring the creative minds from various sectors, he added.
Soon after the second edition at Kochi, short film screening will be held at Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah as part of its first pan-Arab tour, in association with Kerala Government. The fest will explore all its possibilities in the Gulf region, where a large population of Malayali’s are residing.
The event titled ‘Kochi Metro Short Films UAE’ will screen 50 short films in the three emirates at selected places in the first leg of its pan-Arabian tour. There will be seminars and discussions on filmmaking, which will help the members of the ‘Kochi Metro Short Films’.
A Whatsapp group based in the UAE is already active and has been sharing short films and concepts for movie making, besides online discussions. Ahead of the pan-Arab tour, Monsoon Cine Fest will have ‘Arabian Frames’ a short film festival exclusively for filmmakers from Dubai and Abu Dhabi in Kerala at Kochi, Kozhikode and Thiruvananthapuram.



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