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Kotak Mutual Fund Conducts an Investor Education and Awareness Initiative

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October 11, 2023

Kotak Mutual Fund conducted its investor education and awareness initiative, ‘Seekho Paiso ki Bhasha’, in partnership with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in Trivandrum. This initiative is set to pave the way for financial literacy by conducting an extensive series of education and awareness programs aimed at empowering teachers fostering their growth of financial understanding, and ultimately which can help contribute to India’s journey towards a potential progressive future.

The initiative aims to educate and create awareness about financial literacy among over 4200 CBSE teachers in Kerala and over 825 teachers in Trivandrum. Out of these, 50% are expected to be female, underscoring to fostering of equitable growth and development. As part of the initiative, Kotak Mutual Fund has brought on board over 500 proficient trainers from the Centre for Investment Education and Learning (CIEL) who lead the impactful sessions, ensuring that quality and relevance were upheld throughout the program.

Christ Nagar Central School, Principal, FR Xavier said, “We are excited to be a part of the initiative taken by Kotak Mutual Fund and CBSE. This program is a major step towards empowering our teachers with knowledge and resources that offer essential investment education. It perfectly aligns with our
commitment to foster financial education and contribute holistically to nation-building.”

Kinjal Shah, Head- Digital Business, Marketing and Analytics, Kotak Mutual Fund said, “Through this Investor Education and Awareness Program ‘Seekho Paiso ki Bhasha,’ we are deeply committed to cultivating financial empowerment. We believe that teachers play a vital role in shaping our nation’s destiny and moulding the new generation. Our partnership with CBSE is to educate and create awareness amongst the esteemed educators about financial literacy and investment. Collectively, we can shape a future where financially aware teachers may help improve the economy.”

This initiative represents a significant step towards the realization of a financially empowered India, with an aim of aligning perfectly with the nation’s aspiration for progress and growth. With ‘Seekho Paiso ki Bhasha’ hope that it helps to shape the financial fabric of the country.