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Mahindra Holidays & Resorts Partners with the Indian Dental Association

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August 18, 2023

Club Mahindra, the flagship brand of Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited, has partnered with the Indian Dental Association (IDA) to provide IDA members with exciting benefits and special privileges on Club Mahindra memberships. This collaboration aims to extend well-deserved relaxation and family bonding opportunities to dental professionals who tirelessly dedicate themselves to the oral health and well-being of others.

Club Mahindra, India’s leading vacation ownership company, offers 125+ resorts across India and abroad, with 2000+ unique experiences. The resorts provide happy family experiences and believe in the credo of making every moment magical. Club Mahindra’s commitment to offering exceptional holiday experiences makes it an ideal partner for IDA, enabling dental professionals and their families to unwind and rejuvenate.

The demanding nature of the dental profession often subjects professionals to long working hours and significant stress throughout the year. Recognizing the need for these diligent individuals to take a well-deserved break, Club Mahindra presents an array of offerings that cater to the diverse interests of every family member. Whether it’s a relaxing spa session for parents, thrilling outdoor activities for children, or serene landscapes for the entire family to enjoy, Club Mahindra Resorts have something for everyone.

The exclusive benefits extended to IDA members as part of this collaboration include special discounts and freebies on Club Mahindra vacation packages. Members can now plan their dream vacations with ease, taking advantage of the exclusive privileges tailored specifically for dental

Bharat Sundaresan, Chief Customer Acquisition Officer of Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited stated “We are delighted to partner with the Indian Dental Association to provide exceptional family holidays to its esteemed members. At Mahindra Holidays & Resorts, we believe in creating lasting memories for families through enriching holiday experiences. This is a testament to our commitment to nurture the well-being of dental professionals who play a vital role in our community’s healthcare. We look forward to providing IDA members and their families with exclusive benefits and unforgettable vacations, allowing them to unwind, rejuvenate, and create magical memories together.”

Dr Ashok Dhoble, Secretary General, IDA, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, saying, “As dentists, we devote ourselves to the care of others’ oral health, but it’s equally crucial to prioritize our well-being. Vacations provide much-needed rejuvenation, allowing us to return to our profession with renewed energy and passion. We are thrilled to partner with Club Mahindra to offer exclusive benefits that enable our dental fraternity to enjoy well-deserved vacations, fostering a healthier work-life balance and creating cherished memories with loved ones.”

Mahindra Holidays & Resorts and IDA are excited about this collaboration and look forward to empowering dental professionals with memorable vacation experiences, enhancing their work-life balance, and ultimately contributing to their overall well-being.