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Reduce Layers in Firms for Effective Functioning, Expert to Entrepreneurs

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September 12, 2019

Organising companies on the basis of cross functional teams rather than having a lot of layers is the successful trend in the digital age, said renowned business advisor, speaker and author Ram Charan here.

Charan, who has worked with top CEOs and authored over 25 books, was speaking on “How do we design organisations in the digital age” at an interactive session organised by SP Lifecare Ltd, a world-class elderly care centre, on Monday. Charan will be the advisor of SP Lifecare’s Season Two, which is being developed into a global brand.

“Lots of companies have multiple layers in decision making, which is really frustrating. It will make decision making a difficult process. Number of layers should be less in an organisation. These days a few companies are practising it while organising teams, who are well aware of what they are doing. They will communicate to one leader and things become fast,” Charan said with a reference to Amazon India functioning.

According to him, after digitalisation, firms have been treating customers individually rather than generally. “Digitisation is the single world for many things and that is the driver how your business will serve customers, how your business customer will prefer and how you will make money.”

“Gathering data from customer exchange and using algorithms to process this data for generating revenues is the key to success for digital led organisations,” he added. Dr M Ayyappan, CEO, SP Lifecare Ltd, welcomed the gathering while Anjali Nair, COO, SP Lifecare, proposed a vote of thanks.