Sagenome Sets up Genomic Complex for Detection and Management of Critical Illnesses Through saliva-based DNA Analysis

A technology-driven genomic complex, equipped with the R&D facility that uses genetic information from saliva to determine a person’s proneness to a host of critical diseases, has been set up in the state capital, a cutting-edge initiative that can prevent and manage illnesses in a personalised manner.

Launched by Sagenome, the new facility called “Gene Valley” will be inaugurated at its office at Pettah on Wednesday by Prof. Chandrabhas Narayana, Director of Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB) that has provided technical support for it under a research agreement between them.

SAGENOME, set up by Dr M. Ayyappan, former CMD of HLL Lifecare Limited (HLL), is powered by its platform OhMyGene, which provides clinical diagnostic services in the area of oncology, neurology, cardiology, infertility and gynaecology as also into consumer genomic services using saliva samples.

Dr Ayyappan said extraction of DNA from saliva sample has made it extremely simple to guide individuals towards the right lifestyle, drugs and treatments. “A saliva test has wide applications where it provides an understanding about an individual’s personalized diet plan, vitamin requirements, suitable exercise and weight loss plan, addiction tendency for alcohol, nicotine, drugs and genetic predisposition to more than 200 diseases, hereditary ailments and drugs,” he pointed out.

Citing an example out of its many applications, he said this test has become a simple tool for weight loss programmes. Despite following the same diet, exercises and routine, there may be varied results in different individuals. “The saliva test provides detailed and precise reasons behind obesity and prescribe the right weight loss and diet programme consistent with an individual’s genetic make-up,” he explained.

People who know their genetic information have better ways of improving their health through a wide range of lifestyle management approaches, including diet, nutraceuticals, and yoga.

Genomics is an emerging technology and genomic medicine is one of the most significant ways of tailoring personalised healthcare & wellness programmes and lifestyle changes.

“Genetic information provides data about whether a person is prone to certain diseases. The information thus collected allows analysing thousands of variations in the human genome followed by predictive analytics using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning technologies. It helps medical practitioners to tailor the right healthcare plan for the individual, thereby increasing its effectiveness through precise diagnosis, right drugs and dosages, and better patient management and treatment,” he added.

The OhMyGene platform provides comprehensive genomic testing services for disease diagnosis, screening and prevention in the area of cancer, cardiovascular, neurological diseases, reproductive health, infertility, pharmacogenomics in addition to pro-active health management approaches.


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