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SecurEyes & Accuteque Sign Partnership Agreement

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June 05, 2023

Leading global cybersecurity firm SecurEyes is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Accuteque, an Australian management consulting, Advisory & IT consulting firm, to provide high quality cybersecurity solutions and services in the Australian region. SecurEyes will extend its technical expertise and capabilities while Accuteque will bring in strategic direction and market knowledge.

With this partnership, businesses will have access to enterprise-grade cybersecurity and risk management capabilities, enabling them to address their unique cybersecurity needs effectively.

The service delivery model for the partnership will be based on Accuteque leveraging SecurEyes’s technical expertise and capabilities to deliver services and solutions in the niche domain of Cybersecurity to their clients. SecurEyes will provide the technical resources and support needed for overall delivery of services by Accuteque.

After the virtual signing of the agreement, Karmendra Kohli, Co-Founder and CEO of SecurEyes, said, “This partnership will enable us to establish a foothold in the Australian market, particularly as Australian customers are placing a greater emphasis on cybersecurity. This collaboration between SecurEyes and Accuteque will allow us to offer a comprehensive solution that includes both consulting and product offerings, providing Australian customers with access to our expertise and enabling us to expand our footprint in the global market.”

In addition, the SecurEyes suite of cybersecurity solutions provides clients with purpose-built products and systems to support their cybersecurity initiatives.

Caroline Patton, CEO and Managing Director of Accuteque, said, “This partnership is a testament to how businesses can work together, collaborating to provide the market with best of breed service. Offering an alternative option from the larger Tier 1 consulting firms to businesses across Australia. Being part of a consortium of small to medium businesses means that we have the ability to demonstrate business agility, speed to market and helping our clients to strengthen their cyber resilience.”