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Waste-free Campaign: State to Ramp up Pre-monsoon Cleaning Drive

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March 19, 2024

As part of the ‘Malinya Muktham Nava Keralam’ campaign, the Local Self Government Department (LSGD) has decided to ramp up pre-monsoon cleaning activities across the state in coordination with various other departments and people’s participation.

A Government Order (GO) issued by the Department in this regard, has set a deadline of May 20 for completion of all cleaning activities, including proper waste management, mosquito control measures, and cleaning of water bodies. The Local Self Government Institution (LSGI)-level secretaries will be responsible for the pre-monsoon cleaning activities, which are set to begin in the last week of March.

As per the guidelines in the GO, meetings of various departments, institutions and missions responsible for pre-monsoon cleaning drive, presided over by District Collectors, have to be convened to assess activities and responsibilities prescribed in the waste-free campaign guideline. They have to ensure that proper waste disposal, mosquito control activities and hygiene of offices are maintained.

Ward-level hygiene committees have to conduct primary evaluations of pre-monsoon cleaning activities and prepare a comprehensive action plan. They must submit lists of places that affect public health, including garbage mounds and water-logged areas, to the LSGI Secretary before March 30. Widespread awareness campaigns on public health and proper waste disposal have to be conducted as part of the guidelines.

LSGI will take legal action as per the Public Health law against institutions and households that fail to adhere to waste disposal procedures. The GO also suggests taking measures within 2-4 hours to solve complaints received by LSGIs regarding waste disposal issues. If necessary, Kudumbashree units have to train Haritha Karma Sena (HKS) members about handling non-biodegradable waste.

Secretaries of Panchayats, Municipalities, and Corporations have to ensure that pre-monsoon cleaning activities progress in a time-bound manner. These officials must ensure that details of waste disposal at source and doorstep collection of waste are updated on the Haritha Mithram app before March 31.

Grama Panchayats and municipalities can spend Rs 30,000 for each ward for conducting pre-monsoon cleaning activities, while the cap for Corporations is Rs 40,000 per ward.

The GO adds that Ministers responsible for each district will review the progress of pre-monsoon cleaning activities. Besides, the Principal Director of LSGD will evaluate the progress once every two weeks, while the LSGD Joint Director will assess it once a week. The LSGI heads should also review the progress once a week.