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Cancer Awareness for Students

In Health
August 08, 2023

In an effort to spread cancer awareness along the younger generation, a session was organised for the students of GVHSS, Valappad.

Renowned oncologist Dr. V P Gangadharan led the session. V P Nandakumar, MD, and CEO of Malappuram Finance, inaugurated the event, which was held at the Manappuram headquarters. Laila Rasheed, PTA president of GVHSS, Valappad, presided. The event was organised in association with Nilav Kuwait, a charity organisation run by expatriates.

Dr. Gangadharan pointed out that accepting the disease without worries is the first step to come out of the situation. “Better treatments are available today. There are also several testimonies of people who came out from the clutches of cancer with proper and timely treatment,” he said.

“Sixty percent of the various types of cancer can be prevented through self-care and regulation. Oral and colon cancers can be averted completely if one gives up smoking, alcohol, and substance abuse. Breast cancer can also be prevented if detected at the initial stage. Painless lumps are often seen as symptoms of cancer. Such people should seek medical examination without delay,” he said.

Habibullah Muttichoor, president of Nilav Kuwait, Ajay Ghosh, a member of the Panchayat council, Ajith Kumar T, Principal in charge at GVHSS, George D Das, CEO of Manappuram Foundation, and staffers also participated.