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Cosmopolitan Hospital Hosts Mega Walkathon

In Trivandrum
September 29, 2023

On the occasion of this year’s World Heart Day, Cosmopolitan Hospital organized a grand walkathon, exemplifying its commitment to heart health awareness. The event commenced with an inaugural address by Thiruvananthapuram City Police Commissioner, Nagaraju Chalam IPS, who delivered the message, “Use Heart, Know Heart.”

The mega walkathon spanned from Kowdiar Junction to Kanakakunnu and was a resounding success in raising public awareness about the significance of World Heart Day.

Cosmopolitan Hospital’s CEO, Ashok P. Menon, along with a team of distinguished cardiologists, including Dr. George Kosi A, Dr. Biju R, Dr. Thomas Titus, Dr. Mahadevan R, Dr. Anish John Padiyara, Dr. R. Ajayakumar, Dr. Mangalanandan P, and Dr. Sunil B, spearheaded the Mega Walkathon.

The event garnered participation from over 250 individuals, including employees from Cosmopolitan Hospital and other esteemed institutions. Participants carried placards bearing the message of World Heart Day, further amplifying the campaign’s impact.

The Mega Walkathon commenced at 7:15 AM at the entrance gate of Kowdiar Palace. It initiated with an awareness campaign centered on the essence of World Heart Day, commencing at Kowdiar Square and concluding at Kanakakunnu.

Cosmopolitan Hospital’s proactive involvement in this initiative underscores its dedication to promoting heart health within the community and beyond.