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Delegation Under Kannur Mayor visit Jabalpur Waste-to-energy Plant

In Kozhikode
March 08, 2019

As part of the plans to set up waste-to-energy plant at Chelora in the district, a 15 member delegation led by E. P. Latha, Mayor, Kannur Corporation, visited the waste-to-energy plant at Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh. The delegation examined the process involved in electricity generation by scientifically treating the waste generated in Jabalpur Corporation.

Jabalpur Corporation has generated 12.5 crore units of electricity from the plant, which has a capacity of 15 MW. The corporation’s aim is to replicate the same model in Kannur also. The team observed that the waste-to-energy plant in Jabalpur, which has a population of around 15 lakh, is a good model for waste treatment. The waste is being burnt in a large burner at the plant. The team also said that as the gas, which is generated from burning the waste, is emitted only after treating it does not cause environmental pollution.

P. K. Ragesh, Deputy Mayor; Vellora Rajan, Chairman, Welfare Standing Committee; Adv. P. Indira, Chairperson, Health Standing Committee; C. Seenath, Chairperson, Town Planning Standing Committee; Jemini, Chairperson, Development Standing Committee; C. K. Vinod, Chairman, Tax Appeal Standing Committee; Shahina Moideen, Chairperson, Education Standing Committee and councillors C. Sameer, N. Balakrishnan and Sajith K., P. Radhakrishnan, Corporation Secretary; Sajeevan K. V., Superintending Engineer and Sivadasan, Health Supervisor were also part of the delegation. The delegation from Kannur Corporation was received by Swati Sadanand Godbole, Mayor, Jabalpur Corporation.