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Global Ayurveda Festival Unveils Integrative Cancer and Neurological Disease

In Health
November 25, 2023

The forthcoming Global Ayurveda Festival, taking place on December 3 at the Green Field Stadium, is set to feature groundbreaking discussions on integrative treatment methods for cancer and neurological diseases. The seminar will showcase insights from esteemed experts from Ayurveda and modern medicine, presenting a unique collaborative approach.

The seminar within the festival will host international integrative oncology experts including Dr. Santoshi Narayanan from M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, USA; Dr. Katherine Glaser from Rosewell Park Cancer Center, USA; Dr. Jun Mao, Rockefeller Chair and Chief of Integrative Medicine, USA; and Dr. Rajendra
Badwey from Tata Memorial Cancer Center, India.

In the realm of neurology, experts like Dr. M. R. V. Namboothiri, Dr. Sankaran Kutty, Dr. Mahadevan, Dr. Srikanth Babu, Dr. Antonio Morandi, a Neurologist from Italy, and Dr. Sandra Szymanski from Germany will present papers, contributing to a shared knowledge base to combat the growing challenge of
neurological disorders.

The Global Ayurveda Festival, scheduled from December 1 to 5, is poised to be a transformative event, fostering collaboration and advancing discussions on integrating Ayurveda and modern medicine to address complex medical conditions.