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Heim Global Launches in Kerala

In Business
August 18, 2023

In a bid to initiate operations in Kerala with cutting-edge international technological innovations, HEIM Global marked its grand entry at Kochi Grand Hyatt Bolgatty. In the lively inauguration ceremony that unfolded as a vibrant spectacle at the Lulu Convention Centre, M. A. Yusuff Ali, Managing Director of Lulu Group, presented HEIM Global to Kerala. In the global panorama, it is Q. L. E. D. TVs that HEIM introduced as the inaugural product in the majority of its premium product categories.

Among the most exceptional brands worldwide, HEIM also offers the Google Operating System for televisions. Representing a lifestyle beyond television, HEIM stands as a quintessential brand that epitomizes a way of life. It will soon unveil an array of technologically advanced Smart TVs, including Google TV and Android TV, revolutionizing the television industry. In the forthcoming times, HEIM aims to expand its business beyond the borders of India and establish its presence in the global business landscape.

Applause to HEIM for crafting products infused with cutting-edge technology during this era of Supersonic advancements. Exceptional quality, fair pricing, and unwavering technical support stand as the triumphant trio behind every successful product. HEIM, with an unwavering commitment, is resolutely devoted to delivering nothing short of excellence to its esteemed customers. I am confident that HEIM’s global footprint will continue to expand, connecting people worldwide with its continually evolving, ingenious, and high-quality offerings. Stated, M. A. Yusuff Ali, Chairman & Managing Director of Lulu Group International.

“HEIM TV will compete with international brands, presenting an exemplary work methodology. The expansive service network, which HEIM has introduced in Kerala through its high-profile launch, will elevate services to unparalleled levels, demonstrating a commitment to excellence,” stated Shine Kumar, HEIM GloAal’s Sales Director.

At present, HEIM Global is positioned to compete on a global scale with premier brands, offering each of its top-notch products in a manner that brings forth a sense of accomplishment. As an Indian, it is truly heartening to witness HEIM Global’s products being presented before the people of Kerala during this festive season,” stated Mr. Shaanu M. Basheer, Managing Director of HEIM Global. He also expressed the company’s ambitious goal of making HEIM products available in every market across India by the year 2025. The target for the 2024-25 fiscal year is to achieve a sales turnover of 1,500 crore INR, as emphasized by Mr. Shaanu M. Basheer.

Beyond India, HEIM Global’s operations will soon extend to Gulf countries, North African nations, and SAARC countries. The company’s high-level functioning is set to commence promptly, with advanced offerings such as Washing Machines, Air Conditioners, and various other personal gadgets, in addition to the premium Google TVs. The international service network established by HEIM is geared towards delivering exceptional services to consumers, both within and beyond the borders of India.

Ernakulam Mayor, Adv. M. Anilkumar, Ernakulam M.P. Hibi Eden, former Minister Shri. E. P. Jayarajan, Pannakkad Sayyid Rasheed Ali Shihab Thangal, A.N. Radhakrishnan, Idukki M.P. Dean Kuriakose, Navas Meeran, and V. K. C. Mammad Koya were among those who participated in the event.