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Kimshealth Liver Transplant Unit Celebrates 10th Anniversary

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August 23, 2023

The 10th-anniversary celebration of the KIMSHEALTH Liver Transplant Unit transformed into a heartwarming gathering of organ donors’ and recipients’ families. The event, titled “From Hope to Healing,” witnessed the participation of 160 organ recipients, including the families of 16-year-old Sarang, who donated his organs to six people, and Sarath Krishnan, who donated two eyes and kidneys. Both families were honored at the event. Ten-year-old Ann Mary, who underwent a liver transplant at KIMSHEALTH, set up an exhibition of her crafts and presented a heart-shaped paper garland to Dr. M.I. Sahadulla.

The event was inaugurated by Dr. M.I. Sahadulla, Chairman and Managing Director of KIMSHEALTH. Dr. Sahadulla stated that organ donation is one of the most important aspects of the healthcare sector and that it is possible to save every life through the collective efforts of healthcare workers. He emphasized that every organ donation is made possible through the care and responsibility of every individual towards society, and he said that more people should express their willingness for organ donation. He also added that organ donation surgeries and related procedures are carried out with great care and precision. Dr. Sahadulla also mentioned that the highest success rate in organ transplant surgeries was recorded at KIMSHEALTH.

KIMSHEALTH performed its first liver transplant on July 23, 2013, and has since successfully completed over 160 liver transplants. It has also become the first hospital in Kerala to perform a combined liver and kidney transplant, a split-liver transplant, a liver transplant with dialysis, and an organ transplant in a child with the lowest weight.

The event was addressed by Dr. G. Vijayaraghavan, Vice Chairman of KIMSHEALTH, and Radhakrishnan, District President of the Liver Foundation of Kerala. Dr. Shabeerali T.U., Chief Coordinator & Senior Consultant in the Department of Hepatobiliary, Pancreatic and Liver Transplant Surgery, welcomed the gathering, and Dr. Praveen Muralidharan, Transplant Coordinator and Medical Superintendent, delivered the vote of thanks.

Dr. Madhu Sashidaran and Dr. Ajith K. Nair, Senior Consultants in the Department of Gastroenterology, Dr. Varghese Yeldho and Dr. Sreejith S., Consultants in the Department of Hepatobiliary, Pancreatic and Liver Transplant Surgery, and Dr. Hashir A, Consultant in the Department of Anesthesia, were also present at the event.