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NeST Group Co SFO Technologies Also Plays a Role in Chandrayaan-3 Success

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September 04, 2023

SFO Technologies, the flagship company of NeST Group is proud to announce their admirable work as part of the Lunar mission LVM3-M4/Chandrayaan-3.

LVM3-M4 carried onboard, SFO fabricated, nine critical RF packages consisting of six Tele-command Receivers, two S-band transmitters and one C-band Transponder in active mode. These are vital packages during the LVM3-M4 trajectory of the mission, providing ground station with real time decision-making data during the flight. RF systems are strategic and mission critical onboard packages for Tracking, Telemetry and Tele-command for real time flight applications.

C Band Transponder (CBT)
CBT in conjunction with Ground Radars provide instantaneous position of the Launch vehicle during the flight. This consists of high-power pulsed transmitter and a highly sensitive receiver integrated into a single package. This system is located in the Equipment Bay (EB) of LVM3-M4. Equipped with multiple radar interrogating capability, it has built in protection from unauthorized interrogations. The Ground Radars are synchronized and the transponder onboard replies to respective radars. CBT works at C Band 4-8 GHz range.

S Band Transmitter (SBT)
Measurement and monitoring of vehicle health parameters is of paramount importance for performance analysis and real time decision making. Programmable S band transmitter provides uninterrupted flight data to the various strategic Ground Stations for real time and post processing of data. 2 Megabits per second data transmission capability with excellent bit error performance makes this system, the choice of any missions.

Tele-command Receiver
This is a state of the art highly sensitive receiver with built in protection and spurious free operation. It receives uplink commands from Tele-command Ground Stations and interfaces with command decoder, which executes the commands. Digital design gives the system flexibility and high-level protection from unwanted and erroneous command execution. This is part of the Range Safety operation.

On this historic occasion, N. Jehangir remarked, SFO’s involvement with ISRO on this renowned space mission is only a humble beginning. We are working diligently to partner with ISRO on future endeavours to bring many more laurels to our beloved nation.”