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New Facilities in Infopark Thrissur all Set to Begin Operation

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August 02, 2023

Following the inauguration of new facilities in Infopark Kochi held in May, Infopark Thrissur is all set to make the third floor of its Indeevaram Complex operational. With the completion of the third floor in Infopark Thrissur, which is a part of the state’s IT Corridor, more IT/ITES companies will commence operation from the park, paving way to generate more job opportunities. The floor, designed in 35,000 sq ft built-up space, consists of a total 20 plug and play offices of various areas. Almost half of the new offices are already booked by foreign export-based companies.

The new facilities it will generate an additional 647 direct job opportunities. There will be indirect employment as well. Apart from workstations, most of the offices include cabins and dedicated discussion rooms. The third floor also have facilities including a common meeting room and pantry area. The ground plus seven-floor-Indeevaram complex is set to open these facilities exactly a year after the inauguration of its second floor. The construction of plug and play offices on its fourth floor will commence soon.

The new plug and play offices and facilities at Infopark Thrissur will be a valuable addition to Kerala’s achievements in the field of IT, said Susanth Kurunthil, CEO of Infopark. “Infopark aims to generate more employment opportunities, IT exports and set an environment for companies to grow to attract international attention. The development of Infopark Thrissur is similar to Infopark’s main hub in Kochi. Koratty’s strategic location has the potential to attract more companies to Infopark Thrissur in coming years,” he added.

Since its inception in 2009, Infopark Thrissur has been gaining attention for its lush green campus. At present, 50 companies and more than 2000 employees are operating from Infopark Thrissur. Apart from Indeevaram complex, which comes in the Special Economic Zone, the lush green campus consists of nine villas in domestic tariff areas.