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Singer Purva Mantri Says “My Father has Been a Pillar of Strength”

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June 24, 2021

Tough times and struggles decide your fate, this is most commonly heard but it stands true in the case of singer and performer Purva Mantri. In spite of the lockdown and various challenges, she has always believed in putting her best foot forward with her music.

Not many would know that she along with her father has taken up the responsibility of an entire village close to Mumbai by the name of Chinchpada in the Palghar district of Maharashtra. From taking care of their basic needs to education and sanitization she has actively been a part with the support and encouragement of a family.

Not only that, on her professional front she has been a part of the Indian Music Pro League fighting battles and wars of music along with some of the legends of the music industry like Mika Singh, Shaan, Kailash Kher, and many others.

In fact her recent release for Mother’s Day caught waves. She had released a song for Father’s Day too ‘The Papa Song’. The song pictures the delicate relationship between a daughter and father and set against a backdrop of emotions. While this was released much earlier, this Father’s Day she revives and showcases a new look on her digital platforms and gives you a glimpse of continuous love and affection for a father.

Speaking about the song, Purva Mantri shares, “Since a very young age my dad has been extremely motivating and encouraging irrespective of the fact that we do not come from a Bollywood or entertainment background. My father has been a pillar of strength and it’s only due to his thoughts I’ve been able to achieve everything today. My song ‘The Papa Song’ is an evergreen song and I would not specially wait for Father’s Day to sing it. I can sing it every single day, he is special to me every single day and I do not need an occasion for that”