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Tourism Pavilion at ‘Ente Keralam’ Expo Draws Huge Footfall

In Kozhikode
April 05, 2022

Offering a hands-on feel of a picturesque Kerala village, the Tourism Department’s pavilion at the ‘Ente Keralam’ expo that opened at the Police Grounds here as part of the State Government’s first anniversary celebrations has become an instant hit.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan inaugurated the Government’s first anniversary celebrations on Sunday along with the expo that highlights various initiatives of the government over the last one year and its vision of the journey ahead.

With its meticulous depiction of an idyllic Kerala village featuring backwaters, paddy fields and farmsteads, the Tourism Pavilion takes forward the theme of ‘exploring the unexplored destinations’, seeking to extend the benefits of tourism development to the entire state in an inclusive and responsible manner.

Tourism Minister P A Mohamed Riyas said the Tourism pavilion has been conceived and created to convey all the delightful experiences that Kerala holds for tourists, at a time when the footfalls are steadily increasing, with tourism activities back in full swing across the state.

The show-piece will be taken to all the remaining districts to encourage visitors to explore the unexplored spots as every panchayat in the state has some best-kept surprise for tourists, Riyas said.

Kerala Tourism Director V R Krishna Teja said the KT pavilion is set up along the wide walkway of the expo venue and it has been drawing the attention of the visitors in a big way.

“We have recreated a slice of the countryside life at the expo, with a touch of nostalgia. Apart from depicting the rural landscape and vibrant lifestyle, the show also features novel initiatives like Caravan Tourism,” he added.

At the outset, the pavilion features the traditional gateway of a typical Kerala house, known as ‘Padippura’. The visitors are then taken to a lush countryside and its vibrant life.

The view of the paddy field with a hand-crafted water wheel for irrigation in its midst throws light into the farming practices of the past. The visitor is then greeted by a thatched house with a small well and chickencoop towards its side. In the courtyard, one can see all kinds of plants including the ubiquitous coconut tree and plantain.

Behind the house, there is a handloom set that symbolizes the craft and traditional industries that flourished in villages. The small pond with ducks gliding in it adds to the charm of the setting. The scene is complete with glittering caparisons, various kinds of handicrafts, theyyam performers and kalarippayattu practitioners, featuring the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Kerala.

The state’s recently-launched Caravan Tourism initiative – Keravan Kerala, and the Malanadu-Malabar river cruise project are also displayed prominently at the event.