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Versicles Presents Prognosis Healthcare Kiosk at AIMA’s Tarang Conference

In Health
December 27, 2023

Seven weeks after it launched ‘Prognosis’, Versicles Technologies presented the state-of-the-art digital health kiosk at the 98th All India Medical Conference going on in Kovalam near the state capital.

The facility, assisted by artificial intelligence, provides quick and accurate diagnostics of body parameters such as blood pressure, sugar, ECG, temperature and weight.

The presentation by Prognosis will be available on request throughout the December 26-28 ‘Tarang’ conclave which the Indian Medical Association is hosting at Hotel Samudra, Kovalam.

Versicles, as a Kerala-based start-up, developed the facility after sensing the interest from various markets within the country and abroad. The touch-screen kiosk, with multilingual AI-based voice instructions, diagnoses abnormalities in under a minute. It also provides immediate AI-assisted recommendations for irregularities around the parameters found in screening.

Top functionaries of Versicles said Prognosis sought to democratise AI for healthcare industries through its kiosks which are accessible for the common people. The company aims to touch rural and urban population to provide cutting-edge diagnosis at economical and easy-to-access environment.

It was in the second week of November the company launched Prognosis. Designed with the user’s comfort in mind, the kiosk provides multilingual instructions through an AI-based voice bot, while also featuring a resting bench that facilitates comfortable sitting during tests.

Designed with a futuristic vision, the innovative kiosk offers can detect irregularities in an individual’s vitals, and provide immediate recommendations and advice on subsequent steps. Furthermore, its integration with telehealth means users can consult specialist doctors and obtain prescriptions without a physical appointment.