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IBS Software’s CSR Initiative, Candle, Spreads Light in these Dark Days

In Kochi
November 20, 2020

IT major IBS Software in partnership with Don Bosco Welfare Centre Society is carrying out a series of skilling programmes for children at the rehabilitation centres of the Society in Kochi. The Society accommodates vulnerable boys and girls, who do not have families to take care of them, in their centres, Sneha Bhavan and Valsalya Bhavan respectively.

In the absence of regular school classes due to the pandemic, the Candle-ENLIGHT project aims to skill these children and engage them in activities that equip them with practical knowledge and nurture their talent. ENLIGHT is short for “Educating and Nourishing Lives by Intervention, Guidance and Healthy Technology” and is being managed by the Executive Director of the Society, Fr Thomas PD.

These skilling programmes, supported by Candle, the CSR initiative of the Thiruvananthapuram based company, brought smiles and hope to the 100-odd youngsters during the Covid-imposed restrictions that locked them inside. The project which started with a training on LED-bulb-making spanned for three days and was attended by the boys of Sneha Bhavan. When the bulbs they had made were switched on, their young faces also lit up. One of the participants said that it was as though his life got lit up as he learnt to make something that utilizes the latest technology.

All the senior boys were given training in mushroom cultivation. They were taught to grow two varieties: oyster mushrooms and milky mushrooms. Then a pizza-making programme followed, which was led by a professional chef. The participants learnt dough fermentation, baking techniques and ways to cook this popular dish of Italian origin. Many of the kids are now dreaming of opening their own pizzerias in future.

The ENLIGHT sessions on painting, dance and music were held for all the children in both Sneha Bhavan and Valsalya Bhavan. Soon after the sessions, the dull walls of the Homes were transformed with colourful images created by the children. The interactive English skilling sessions are run using Rosetta Stone Software, which has modules on reading, writing, listening and speaking. There are 4 units in each level and all the children have completed level 1. The special tuitions on academic subjects also help the children make up in their regular studies.

Under the ENLIGHT Project, many more programmes are in the pipeline for the children such as floriculture, aquaculture, cake making, jam & squash making, etc, which will be covered in the coming months. These programmes drew excellent response from the children, according to IBS Software CSR Head Mr Vinod Thomas. “It is amazing to see the faces of these youngsters light up with hope and enthusiasm. Candle, the CSR initiative of IBS Software, is certainly glad to see this initiative enlighten these young lives”, he added.