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Institutionalise Zakat is Need of the Hour, International Zakat Conference

In Islam, Kochi
May 03, 2018

The three days International Zakat Conference, which concluded with the aim of promoting Zakat, seeks strategic and sustainable partnership in social progress.
Apart from the liability of the believers, the conference urged that there was a need to create infrastructure, create jobs, and formulate programs for poverty alleviation through Zakat. The conference also decided to examine the possibility of a united nationwide Zakat initiative.
International Zakat initiatives will be implemented in India. For this purpose, the GCC countries, the Arab Muslim countries, the activities of Zakat initiatives in European, American and African countries will be introduced to the country. The delegates representing Zakat initiatives in various countries pointed out the need for formulation of unique projects and ideas in the fields of Zakat procurement, distribution and planning.
Zakat initiatives will be conducted to enhance the welfare projects like housing schemes, labor schemes, disability pension, scholarship, assistance to patients, assistance to meet the debt crisis and conduct further research and studies on Zakat, says K Ali, Bithuzakat Kerala Chairman and Organizing Convener C. P Habeeb Rahman told reporters. They said that the Zakat system would be redeveloped for social and regional empowerment of Kerala through social and centralized Zakat projects.
Peoples Foundation chairman P.Mujeeb Rahman said that they need change in the personal and decentralized management practices of Zakat. This will enable more financial flow and distribution with more people’s participation. The conference also urged the implementation of social groups from the Zakat system.
Through this the concept of social welfare becomes more effective. Representatives of the participants said that restructuring of backward slopes and slums through centralized activities would be able to radically change the social system of Kerala.
In the inaugural speech, Prof. Thariq Mansoor, Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University said: “Zakat is not merely gift or compassionate. Zakat is an effective solution to the imbalance in the present economic situation and to eliminate the gap between the poor and the rich.
The Zakat system can also be used to promote fraternity in society. Eighty percent of the economy is concentrated in one segment. A large section of society faces poverty and suffering. Zakat is a strong way to strengthen fraternity and coexistence.
Tariq Mansoor pointed out that mitigating poverty, end begging and creating jobs can be done through Zakah. Learn more about Zakat; Tariq Mansoor said that he is ready to provide all facilities in the Aligarh University. In the valedictory session, Malabar Group Vice Chairman P. A. Ibrahim Haji said that Institutionalise Zakat is need of the hour. Baithuzzakath Kerala organized the international Zakat conference to highlight and dessiminate the social development aspects and societal relevance of the Institution of Zakat in Islam.