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Moves on to Develop Fort Kochi as Experiential Tourism Destination

In Kochi
February 21, 2019

The Kerala government aims to make Fort Kochi an experiential tourism destination, considering the heritage value of the scenic seaside town known for its vintage looks and multi-ethnic population.

Fort Kochi has already come under the state’s Responsible Tourism Mission that is a nodal agency to spread as well as implement ideologies and initiatives on sustainable travel destinations, administrators and authorities noted today.

At an RT (responsible tourism) workshop, Kochi MLA K J Maxi said Fort Kochi had immense potential to further develop as a tourist spot that provides unique experience for the visitor. With its distinct demography and socio-historical status, the place merits more prominence on the tourism map, he said, inaugurating the day-long sessions and awareness lectures here.

Kerala RT Mission coordinator Rupeshkumar K said tourism destinations across the world were increasingly tuning in to becoming experiential. As for Kerala, Fort Kochi would be among the best locations to be developed vigorously on those lines, he added.

Experiential tourism covers a wide range of topics that can add to the fun of the visitor and make him more curious about the locality, Rupeshkumar noted, citing examples of feeling touch-me-not and seeing water drops rolling down the slippery surface of colocasia leaf. Milking the cow and planting paddy saplings are other examples, he said, stressing the need for promoting such activities among tourists.

“They should find joy in climbing up the coconut tree and take a selfie from up there. Or using Kerala’s traditional kitchen tools to grind paste for chutney or crush grains using the wooden mortar,” the official said. “Such activities can prompt the tourist to stay in one place for longer time. We need more such tools and packages. It is for that the RT Mission (founded in October 2017) is striving.”

Legislator Maxi said such initiatives also help sustain and revive traditions of a locality. “RT involves common people and ensures their participation,” he pointed out. “Fort Kochi is one of the most suited places for it anywhere.”

Substantiating, MLA John Fernandez said RT can help common people in a big way and start the end of the convention where tourism largely benefits the elite classes.

The others at the event included Tourism Department Deputy Director D Kamalamma, District Tourism Promotion Council Secretary S Vijayakumar and RT Mission Ernakulam district Coordinator K Arunkumar. Besides Kochi Municipal Corporation councillors Shiny Mathew, Seenath Rashid and A R Shamina.