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Patients Treated to a Bouquet of Old Melodies at Biennale Weekly Show

In Islam, Kochi
August 10, 2016

Recreating hit songs from old Malayalam movies was the task singers Kalabhavan Ambili and Suresh Krishnan fulfilled as they shared a common stage at the130th‘Arts and Medicine’ weekly music show at the Government General Hospital here.
The singers rendered14 songs from the bygone era of Malayalam movies, transporting the audiArts & Medicineence into a world of melody and rhythm. Suresh opened the show with the song ‘ManushyanMathangaleSrishtichu’(AchanumBappayum, 1972) and concluded with the duet, ‘Ellarumchollanu’.
“It is hard to not empathise with patients in distress and suffering due to illnesses. To be able to give some solace through music is definitely worth the effort,” said Suresh. Suresh has been in the music industry for the past twenty years and is a regular on TV shows.Apart from singing Hindu and Christian devotional songs, Suresh also is a part of the ‘Nadam’ orchestra, Aluva.
“I’m happy to be singing for a noble cause and hope that this programme fulfils its objectives and brings them the benefits of healing through music,” added Ambili.
Ambili is associated with Kalabhavan and Angel Voice. She has previously workedalongside the late versatile actor Kalabhavan Mani in a prestigious TV music reality show. Ambili has performed in various stage shows in and out of the country.
Their years of experience on stage were quite evident, as the hour-long programme captured the attention of an audience consisting of patients, hospital staff and bystanders.
The all-Wednesday series organised by the Kochi Biennale Foundation in association with Lakeshore Hospital and Research Centre Limited and Mehboob Memorial Orchestra is an initiative to provide healing for patients through quality music.