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Thanal Housing Project for Cheranallor Flood Victims

In Kochi
March 25, 2019

One among the worst hit in Ernakulam by the recent floods the state has ever witnessed was Cheranalloor region. As a result of the flood houses were destroyed in the region. The residents refused to leave the camps as there was nothing for them to return to. As a relief to the victims Hibi Eden, MLA launched the ‘Thanal Housing Project’ for the Cheranalloor residents.

The aim of the project is to restore houses for every single victim whose houses were destroyed in the flood. The project is a part of ‘Cheram Cheranalloorinoppam’ initiative by the MLA for rebuilding the region. The first house was completed in collaboration with Rotary Club of Cochin. The project was initiated by laying foundation stone for the construction of house for 79 year old Kamalakshi Balakrishnan at the 2nd ward of Godown road. Out of four, three of her aged children are mentally challenged. The sole relief to the family was the elderly pension Kamalakshi receives and the income received by selling lotteries.

The Thanal project was started with the construction of 30 houses and out of which 12 has already been handed over. The project is implemented with the help from government projects, private organisations and NGO’s.