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The Cup of Life Project Entered the Guinness Book of Records

In Kochi
September 01, 2022

The Cup of Life project implemented by Hibi Eden MP in association with Muthoot Finance has entered the Guinness Book of Records. The record is that one lakh and one menstrual cups were distributed free of cost within 24 hours.

Cup of Life, the world’s largest menstrual hygiene campaign, distributed 100001 cups in 126 venues within 24 hours.

One and a half crores have been allocated for the project from Muthoot Finance CSR Fund.

The official announcement about getting a place in the Guinness Book was made at a special stage prepared at the Lulu Mall Atrium. The Guinness announcement was made by Guinness World Records Adjudicator Swapnil Dhangarigar. in the presence of Actors Asif Ali, Ramesh Pusharody, Hibi Eden MP, District Collector Dr. Renuraj, Muthoot Finance Managing Director George Alexander Muthoot, Deputy Managing Director George M. George, Lulu malls India director Shaji Philip, IMA Kochi President Dr. Maria Varghese.Dr. Junaid Rehman and Dr. Akhil Manuel.

The cups, which were collected by the nodal officers and representatives of all 126 venues from the counters set up at the Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium on August 30. Free distribution to those who had pre-registered was completed on August 31, 5 pm.

Registration process was conducted through local bodies, colleges, voluntary organizations and major institutions of Ernakulam Parliamentary Constituency. The project was implemented with the participation of Ernakulam district administration and IMA Kochi.

Two months long awareness campaigns and technical sessions were organized as part of the project. Under the leadership of IMA Kochi, about a thousand volunteers were trained on menstrual hygiene and the use of menstrual cups. More than 40 doctors worked for the success of the project. Doctors appointed by IMA conducted scientific studies on menstrual cups and selected the cups. The doctors of IMA Kochi branch also took up the task of training the trainers.

On behalf of IMA Kochi branch, Dr. Junaid Rahman as general convener and Dr. M. M. Hanish as chief coordinator and Dr. Akhil Xavier worked as manual project coordinator for the success of the Cup of Life project.

Pain simulators for men to experience menstrual pain were displayed at various centres. Hundreds of people including college students and celebrities have experienced menstrual cramps through the simulator.

A theme music sung and acted by young singer Arya Dayal was also prepared for the event. Movie star Jayasuriya released the logo of the project. An advertisement film starring actress Aishwarya Lakshmi was also released to promote the project.

A campaign program was also organized in which Ramesh Pisharati and Hibi Eden participated. An open discussion on the topic of menstruation and sixty was held in Kochi Metro train from Aluva to Pettah. Discussions were also organized in various colleges.

The Cup of Life has promoted the messages of nature conservation, financial gain, 3000 independent days, women empowerment, gender equality and awareness against social taboos.