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Selvin’s Kidney and Pancreas to a Native of Thiruvananthapuram

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November 25, 2023

Selvin Shekhar (36), a native of Tamil Nadu, who was brain dead due to a stroke, successfully underwent pancreas and kidney transplant surgery at Kochi Aster Medcity. Selvin’s organs were transplanted to a 37-year-old native of Thiruvananthapuram who was undergoing treatment for diabetes and severe kidney disease.

The health sector, various government systems and the public came together to pave the way for another great example. The organs brought to Kochi from Thiruvananthapuram’s KIMS Hospital by the state government’s helicopter were brought to Aster Medcity in a specially prepared ambulance without a moment’s delay. The surgery was performed by a team led by Dr. Mathew Jacob, Senior Consultant, Department of Liver Transplant Surgery at Medcity, Consultants Dr. M. Sudheer Mohammad, Dr. Vivek Rajendran, M. K Ramaprasad, Consultant, Department of Urology.

The doctors said that they were happy that the surgery, which the entire state was waiting for, was successfully completed. The advantage was that the kidney and pancreas were obtained in time. The doctors added that the health condition of the young man is satisfactory and they are thanking all those who worked for this.

The organs were taken from Selvin’s body under the leadership of Dr. Biju Chandran, Consultant Multi Organ Transplant Surgery Department, Aster Medcity and Dr. Danny Joy, Consultant, Department of Liver Transplant Surgery.

Selvin Shekhar (36), a native of Kanyakumari Vilavinkode died of brain death on Friday morning while undergoing treatment at KIMS Hospital in Thiruvananthapuram following a stroke. Despite the burning pain of her husband’s death, his wife Geeta, who is also a nurse, and other family members volunteered for organ donation. The Thiruvananthapuram resident got Selvin’s kidney and pancreas through the state government’s K Sotto (Mrita Sanjeevani) system, which coordinates post-mortem organ donation. Aster Medcity, promptly informed about the opportunity, had diligently prepared all necessary facilities for the surgery, contributing to the success of this life-saving endeavour.